Null Ref at GDC 2014

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Intel invited us to attend this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC 2014) to showcase Hot Shots at their booth. Adam headed out to San Francisco last week with composer Patrick Ytting.

Showcasing Hot Shots was actually really fun. We had almost unanimously positive feedback, and the negatives were all related to things we’re already addressing. It’s been a huge boost to our confidence to see wave after wave of game devs coming over to play our game Hot Shots for up to 30 minutes at a time in preference to the likes of trying Titanfall, Oculus Rift and Battlefield 4.

GDC is famous for inspiring indie developers, and we’re no exception. We’ve come away with lots of new friends, lots of publishing options, and best of all, lots of feedbacks and ideas for Hot Shots and our games in the future. Look out in the next few weeks for some big announcements.

Hot Shots at the GDCHot Shots at the GDC Intel BoothAdam and Patrick at the GDC

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